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Method and apparatus for monitoring paging in extended DRX cycle in a wireless communication system
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1. A method performed by a terminal in a wireless communication system, the method comprising:
identifying, in case that an extended discontinuous reception (eDRX) operation is configured for the terminal, a paging hyper frame (PH) based on an eDRX cycle and a user equipment (UE) identity (ID) associated with a hashed ID;
identifying a first radio frame of a paging time window (PTW) in the PH, wherein the first radio frame has a first system frame number (SFN); and
monitoring at least one paging occasion (PO) within the PTW based on the first radio frame,
wherein the first SFN satisfies:

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where the ieDRX is identified based on floor(UE_ID_H/TeDRX) mod X, the UE_ID_H is the user identity associated with the hashed ID, the TeDRX is a length of the eDRX cycle, and the X is a pre-defined value including 8.