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Resource allocation and power control for sidelink discovery
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1. An apparatus for wireless communication at a first user equipment (UE) for discovery of at least one other UE, the apparatus comprising:
at least one processor;
a transceiver; and
a memory, coupled to the at least one processor and the transceiver, storing instructions, which when executed by the at least one processor, cause the apparatus to:
determine at least one sidelink (SL) transmission parameter associated with a SL discovery message at the first UE;
determine a transmission power level based on the at least one SL transmission parameter;
transmit, via the transceiver, the SL discovery message at the determined transmission power level on a SL channel; and
receive, in response to the SL discovery message, via the transceiver, a response message on the SL channel from a second UE, wherein the SL discovery message and the response message are configured with different SL transmission parameters within a same resource pool.