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Techniques for dual connectivity power control
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1. A method for wireless communication at a network device, comprising:
identifying at least one of a scheduling delay or a power limit adjustment factor for uplink communication associated with a radio access technology (RAT) between a user equipment (UE) and the network device, wherein the scheduling delay is based at least in part on a UE capability, the power limit adjustment factor is for adjusting a transmit power at the UE such that a combined transmit power associated with the RAT and a second RAT is less than a total power limit, and the RAT is a New Radio (NR) RAT;
transmitting a set of grants for performing uplink communication between the UE and the network device associated with the RAT based at least in part on the identifying, the set of grants comprising at least one of the identified scheduling delay or the identified power limit adjustment factor; and
communicating with the UE using the RAT based at least in part on the set of grants.