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Seamless playback and switching for wireless communications devices
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1. A method comprising:
establishing a first wireless connection between a source device and a sink device, the first wireless connection using a first transmission protocol;
establishing a second wireless connection and setting a second transceiver associated with the second wireless connection to a power save mode;
transmitting audio data via the first wireless connection;
determining, using a processing device, a switch should be initiated based on one or more signal quality metrics, the one or more signal quality metrics representing, at least in part, an estimate of a quality of the first wireless connection;
setting the second transceiver and second wireless connection to an active mode; and
switching to the second wireless connection using a second transmission protocol, and the switching comprising beginning encapsulation of data packets for transmission in accordance with the second transmission protocol, wherein the data packets comprise Bluetooth Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (A2DP) data packets each encapsulated in a data packet of the second transmission protocol.