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Determining measurement period scaling for measurement gaps in 5G/NR
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1. A method performed by a user equipment (UE) to schedule a plurality of mutually exclusive repetitive measurement activities in a wireless network, the method comprising:
receiving, from a network node serving the UE, a measurement configuration comprising:
at least one measurement timing configuration (SMTC) for each of a plurality of mutually exclusive repetitive measurement activities that are associated with a respective plurality of sets of signals having respective periodicities; and
identification of a measurement gap pattern for performing the plurality of measurement activities, wherein the measurement gap pattern includes a measurement gap repetition period (MGRP);
selecting an analysis period for a measurement schedule, based on a maximum or a common multiple of the following: the MGRP, and the plurality of periodicities of the signals associated with the measurement activities;
determining, over the analysis period, measurement load information related to the measurement configuration; and
for each of the measurement activities, determining a measurement time scaling factor and a scaled measurement time based on the measurement load information.