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Methods, systems and computer program products for automatic calibration of antennas
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1. A method of auto-calibrating antennas in a target environment, the method comprising:
obtaining a map and associated scale of the target environment;
displaying the map to a user on a user display device;
discovering a plurality of antennas present in the target environment;
illustrating the discovered plurality of antennas on the map;
repositioning at least some of the plurality antennas on the map;
locking selected ones of plurality of antennas into a current position to provide a plurality of locked antennas, wherein the plurality of locked antennas is equal to zero or greater;
determining at least x and y coordinates for a current location for each of a remaining plurality of unlocked antennas to provide a two-dimensional (2D) location; and
auto-calibrating the remaining plurality of unlocked antennas, wherein auto-calibrating includes moving each of the remaining plurality of unlocked antennas from a first position to a second position using the determined at least x and y coordinates,
wherein at least one of the obtaining, displaying, discovering, illustrating, repositioning, locking and auto-calibrating are performed by at least one processor.