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Real time annotation and geolocation tracking of multiple devices using augmented reality for 5G or other next generation wireless network
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1. A device, comprising:
a processor; and
a memory that stores executable instructions that, when executed by the processor, facilitate performance of operations, comprising:
transmitting, via a first base station, location information to a network controller of a communication network comprising the first base station and a second base station;
joining a sub-network of member devices established by the network controller, wherein the device and the member devices of the sub-network communicate using a sub-network communication link enabled by the second base station,
wherein the first base station, via which the location information is transmitted to the network controller, is different than the second base station that enabled the sub-network communication link;
receiving, via the sub-network communication link enabled by the second base station, information associated with a member device of the member devices of the sub-network; and
displaying the information associated with the member device in response to an event, wherein the event comprises the member device being within a display range of the device.