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Acoustic device
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1. An acoustic device, comprising:
a frame;
a magnetic circuit system having a magnetic gap;
a vibration system supported on the frame, the vibration system comprising:
a diaphragm comprising:
an annular dome comprising:
an annular dome body;
a first dome extending wall bending and extending from the dome body along a direction toward the magnetic circuit system;
an annular first suspension;
an annular second suspension, the first suspension surrounding and spaced apart from the second suspension, the dome located between and connecting with the first and second suspension;
a first fixation portion bending and extending from a side of the first suspension proximal to the second suspension, the first fixation portion connected to and wrapping the first dome extending wall;
a voice coil at least partially received in the magnetic gap for driving the diaphragm to generate sounds;
a support connecting with the diaphragm and the voice coil.