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Solid-state image sensor, method of driving solid-state image sensor, and electronic apparatus
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1. A light detecting device, comprising:
a pixel array section including a plurality of pixels in a matrix, wherein
a pixel of the plurality of pixels includes a photoelectric conversion unit; and
current source circuitry including a current source, wherein
the current source is connected to a vertical signal line,
the vertical signal line is in a column direction of the pixel array section,
the current source includes a first transistor and a second transistor,
a first ratio between a gate width and a gate length of the first transistor is different from a second ratio between a gate width and a gate length of the second transistor,
the light detecting device has a stacked structure including at least two semiconductor substrates,
the at least two semiconductor substrates include a first semiconductor substrate and a second semiconductor substrate,
the first semiconductor substrate is on top of the second semiconductor substrate,
the pixel array section is on the first semiconductor substrate, and
the current source circuitry is on a specific substrate different from the first semiconductor substrate.