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Blur compensation circuit for optical image stabilization device
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1. A blur compensation circuit of an optical image stabilization device, comprising:
a movement detection circuit configured to provide a movement detection signal corresponding to a movement of a photographing module;
a position detection circuit configured to provide a position signal of an actuator for driving the photographing module;
a delta-sigma conversion circuit configured to generate control data corresponding to a deviation between the movement detection signal and the position signal, perform a delta-sigma conversion on the control data, and output driving data corresponding to a result of the delta-sigma conversion; and
a driving circuit configured to control driving of the actuator by the driving data,
wherein the delta-sigma conversion unit configured to generate filtering data including an image having a sampling rate higher than the control data, perform the delta-sigma conversion on the filtering data, and output the driving data generated by converting the number of bits of conversion data corresponding to the delta-sigma conversion.