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Electronic device to control screen property based on distance between pen input device and electronic device and method of controlling same
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1. An electronic device, comprising:
a camera;
a touchscreen display; and
a processor configured to:
display, on the touchscreen display, a screen including at least one target object image corresponding to at least one subject obtained by the camera and at least one graphical object configured to capture the at least one subject in response to receiving an input,
identify that the at least one target object image is resized according to a movement of at least one of the electronic device or the at least one subject, and
in response to identifying the resizing of the at least one target object image, change a property of the screen by resizing the at least one graphical object,
wherein a first notification, indicating that image capture according to a capture signal received from an external electronic device connected with the electronic device via a short-range wireless communication is possible, is displayed inside the at least one graphical object.