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Video streaming systems and methods
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1. A method, comprising:
obtaining information that indicates an insertion point for a first ad break;
receiving a manifest associated with a video;
generating a modified manifest comprising first segment locator information for causing a player to request a number of segments, wherein generating the modified manifest comprises inserting into the manifest at the insertion point the first segment locator information, wherein the first segment locator information comprises a first uniform resource locator (URL) or URL template information for generating the first URL, and wherein the first URL includes a segment identifier;
providing the modified manifest to the player;
receiving from the player a segment request comprising the segment identifier; and
in response to receiving the segment request comprising the segment identifier, providing to the player a segment or a redirect message for causing the player to request the segment, wherein
the modified manifest comprises a duration value associated with the segment identifier,
the segment has an actual duration,
the actual duration of the segment is less than D−1, wherein D is the duration value associated with the segment identifier in units of seconds,
the first segment locator information comprises a list of URLs comprising the first URL, the list of URLs containing N1 URLs, where N1>1 or the first segment locator information comprises URL template information that can be used by the player to generate the list of URLs,
the first ad break has a duration,
the duration of the first ad break is associated with a set of two or more potential ad sets, wherein each potential ad set requires a specific number of segments, and
N1=max (s1, s2, . . . , sM), where si for i=1 to M is the specific number of segments required by the ith potential ad set.