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Content delivery of live streams with playback-conditions-adaptive encoding
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1. A method, comprising:
identifying first segments of media content of past live events, the first segments corresponding to first playback conditions;
determining first encoding parameter profiles, each of the first encoding parameter profiles having encoding parameter values for a first set of encoding parameters, wherein the first set of encoding parameters comprises one or more of a Group Of Pictures (GOP) structure, entropy coding mode (Context-adaptive binary arithmetic coding (CABAC)/Context-adaptive variable-length coding (CAVLC)), number of reference frames, interlace coding support, motion search range, motion search algorithm, intra/inter encoding partition size, intra/inter encoding partition size mode decision, intra prediction mode decision, Picture-adaptive frame-field coding (PAFF) decisions, Macroblock-adaptive frame-field (MBAFF) coding decisions, macro block (MB) level quantization parameters, deblocking filter strength, quantization scaling matrices, quantization rounding offsets, Lagrangian multipliers for rate-distortion (RD) optimization, various thresholds to bias mode decision, adaptive-quantization mode, adaptive-quantization strength, constant rate factor, inter noise reduction level, quantization group size, sub-pixel motion estimation method, quantization approach, or discrete cosine transform (DCT) size;
encoding the first segments based on the first encoding parameter profiles;
generating a data space, wherein the data space has dimensions based on the first playback conditions and the encoding of the first segments; and
determining a first set of playback-conditions-adapted encoding profiles based on the data space, the first set of playback-conditions-adapted encoding profiles being optimized for the first playback conditions.