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Video encoding device, video decoding device, video encoding method, video decoding method, and program
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1. A video decoding device comprising:
one or more memories storing instructions; and
one or more processors configured to execute the instructions to:
extract PCM block size information from a bitstream, the PCM block size information indicating a threshold (pcmCodingUnitSize) to be used at a PCM header parsing process;
determine the threshold (pcmCodingUnitSize) based on the extracted PCM block size information;
parse a PCM header from the bitstream with respect to an encoded block, only when said encoded block is prediction mode of intra prediction and a block size of said encoded block is equal to or less than the determined threshold (pcmCodingUnitSize), the PCM header being information indicative of whether said encoded block is a block that has been encoded by PCM-encoding or not;
parse transformed data of a prediction error data of an image in the bitstream;
decode by PCM decoding PCM data of the image in the bitstream; and
control an entropy decoding process and a PCM decoding process based on the parsed PCM header,
wherein the one or more processors perform the decoding operation based on the prediction mode being intra prediction and based on the block size of the encoded block being equal to or less than the determined threshold (pcmCodingUnitSize).