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Parity-based redundant video storage among networked video cameras
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1. A system, comprising:
a first video camera comprising:
at least one image sensor configured to capture video images;
a network port configured for communication with a first plurality of peer video cameras over a network;
a non-volatile memory configured to store source video data captured by the at least one image sensor; and
an integrated circuit configured to:
determine a chunk synchronization event signaling an end of a data collection time window;
receive, responsive to the chunk synchronization event, peer video data from the first plurality of peer video cameras, wherein the peer video data includes video data chunks corresponding to video stream data generated by each peer video camera during the data collection time window;
determine, based on the video data chunks from the peer video cameras for the data collection time window, parity data for a parity chunk; and
store the parity data in the non-volatile memory.