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Alert system, delivery system and method and door bell system
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1. A delivery system, comprising a database comprising data relating to at least one delivery to be made and at least one intended delivery address for an addressee for said delivery, and at least one delivery vehicle,
wherein the delivery vehicle and/or a delivery person designated to said vehicle is provided with a first communication system; and
the at least one addressee is provided with a second communication system,
the delivery system further comprising a computer system for providing data from the database to the first communication system, said data formed by or including data about the at least one delivery and said delivery address,
wherein the delivery system further comprises a proximity detection system comprising at least one beacon at the delivery address, for communicating wireless with the first communication system when part of the first communication system is within a wireless communication range of said at least one beacon; and
wherein the second communication system is designed for communicating with the first communication system for providing an alternative delivery address for the delivery, especially during the delivery of said item and/or
wherein the computer system is designed for providing at least one alternative delivery address during delivery, said alternative delivery address provided from the database.