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Blockchain based peer-to-peer content sharing apparatus for blocking illegal contents
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1. A user device configured to operate in a blockchain network that manages block information related to shared content, the user device comprising:
a communicator;
a memory; and
a processor configured to, based on a peer-to-peer (P2P) communication based content being received from at least one of a plurality of external apparatuses constituting the blockchain network, generate, through the communicator, block information related to the received content, store the generated block information in the memory, and transmit, through the communicator, the generated block information to the blockchain network;
wherein the processor is configured to:
based on a user command for reporting the received content being received, transmit information on the reported content to the blockchain network;
identify, based on verification on the reported content performed by at least one administrator device from among the plurality of external apparatuses, whether or not the reported content corresponds to an illegal content; and
based on the reported content corresponding to the illegal content, block distribution of the received content,
wherein the processor is further configured to:
receive, through the communicator, block information related to content identified as the illegal content from the blockchain network;
transmit, through the communicator, information on a block history of the received content to the blockchain network; and
based on block information related to compensation on the user device corresponding to the block history being received from the blockchain network, store the received block information in the memory,
wherein based on a number of administrator devices that identified the reported content as illegal content exceeding a predetermined number from among a plurality of administrator devices included in the blockchain network, a secondary verification is performed on the reported content through a server device connected with the at least one administrator device,
wherein the block information related to the received content comprises transmission details of the content, information on devices providing or receiving the content, identification number of the content, information related to compensation for at least one device, and
wherein the information on the block history of the received content comprises information on history of illegal content distribution being blocked from transferring between the user device and other external apparatuses, number of times provision of illegal content has been blocked on the user device and history of illegal content received in the user device being deleted.