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Asynchronous distributed modular function calling
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1. One or more non-transitory computer-readable media storing that store computer-executable instructions that, when executed by a processor, perform a method for providing reusable functions within a group-based communication system, the method comprising:
receiving, from a first user of a first organization, a first function definition for a first function, the first function definition comprising one or more trigger conditions for the first function;
receiving, from a second user of a second organization distinct from the first organization, a second function definition for a second function, the second function definition comprising one or more trigger conditions for the second function;
invoking the first function within an external application responsive to an API call from a group-based communication system application;
receiving a callback including one or more return values for the first function after execution of the first function based on an asynchronous request; and
responsive to receiving the one or more return values, invoking the second function with function parameters associated with the one or more return values.