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Method and system for real-time modeling of communication, virtualization and transaction execution related topological aspects of monitored software applications and hardware entities
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1. A computer-implemented method for monitoring a distributed transaction by a monitoring system across a distributed computing environment, comprising:
receiving, by a transaction agent, transaction trace data that identifies a transaction being executed in part on a host computing device, where the transaction trace data includes an identifier for a thread executed by a process and the transaction agent is instrumented in the process;
identifying, by a service sensor instrumented in a method executed by the process, a service used by the transaction to enter the process, where the service is executed in the process and the identification of the service occurs in response to the method receiving a request;
receiving, by the transaction agent, service data from the service sensor, where the service data contains data identifying the service used by the transaction to enter the process;
retrieving, by the transaction agent, process group information identifying a process group to which the process belongs and operating system information identifying an operating system executing on the host computing device and upon which the process is running;
sending, by the transaction agent, the transaction trace, data, the service data, the process group information and the operation system information over a network to a monitoring node located remotely from the host computing device;
receiving, by a topology processor residing on the monitoring node, the transaction trace data, the service data, the process group information and the operating system information; and
creating, by the topology processor, an update for a topology repository, where the update for the topology repository includes creating a topology entity for at least one of the service, the process group and the operating system.