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Systems and methods for efficient and secure temporary anonymous access to media content
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1. A method for providing access to media content from a media content provider, performed at an electronic device having one or more processors and memory storing one or more programs for execution by the one or more processors, the method comprising:
receiving, from a client device, a request for access to a media item, wherein the request for access includes a self-describing user-identifier;
in response to the request for access to the media item:
initiating an analysis to determine whether the client device is authorized to access the media item, the analysis including an examination of a media consumption log associated with the client device, wherein the media consumption log stores data representing self-describing user-identifiers;
wherein the analysis includes, based on the examination of the media consumption log, detecting multiple requests from different self-describing user identifiers corresponding to the client device to determine whether the client device has reached an access limit; and
in accordance with a determination that the client device has reached the access limit, terminating access to the media item.