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User authentication framework
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1. A non-transitory computer readable medium having program instructions stored therein that are executable by a computing device to perform operations comprising:
sending, to a server computing system, a request for a first signed attestation, wherein the request for the first signed attestation includes a signature generated using a key of the computing device that is associated with an ability of the computing device to securely perform a user authentication;
in response to a successful verification of the signature, receiving the first signed attestation from the server computing system, wherein the first signed attestation indicates an ability of the computing device to securely perform a user authentication;
receiving a request to store credential information of an identification document issued by an issuing authority to a user for establishing an identity of the user;
in response to the request, sending, to the issuing authority, a request to store the credential information, wherein the sent request includes the first signed attestation to indicate an ability to perform a user authentication prior to permitting access to the credential information; and
in response to an approval of the sent request based on the first signed attestation, storing the credential information in a secure element of the computing device.