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Routing control method, device, and system
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1. A controller, comprising:
a communications interface;
a processor; and
a non-transitory computer-readable storage medium storing a program to be executed by the processor, the program including instructions to:
determine a first border router (BR), wherein the first BR belongs to a first autonomous system (AS) and belongs to an inter-domain topology between BRs of the first AS and a second AS; and
cause the communications interface to send a routing control message to the first BR, wherein the routing control message comprises an operation manner and wherein the operation manner comprises an AS quantity, wherein the routing control message instructs the first BR to, when advertising a second Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing message to the second AS, process the BGP routing message according to the operation manner, wherein the operation manner instructs the first BR to add a sequence of AS numbers of the AS quantity to an AS-path attribute value.