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Software defined access fabric without subnet restriction to a virtual network
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1. A method comprising:
detecting a host of a site has requested to join a network, wherein the detecting is performed based on a message received at a switch;
in response to the host being allowed to join the network, assigning an address within a common subnet associated with the network to the host;
in response to the host being assigned the address within the common subnet associated with the network, generating a policy for the host, wherein the policy defines a role of the host and allowable communication for the host, wherein the policy defines that the role is either a provider which can receive or transmit data packets or a subscriber which cannot receive data packets from hosts of different sites within the same common subnet that are subscriber sites;
receiving a transmission request for a data packet, wherein the request includes identification of the host and a second host in the common subnet;
evaluating the data packet transmission request based on the policy for the host and a policy for the second host; and
in response the evaluation, providing instructions to the switch to drop or allow the data packet.