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Adaptive message retention
Heinz Peter Hippenstiel, Ehningen (DE); Klaus Rindtorff, Weil im Schoenbuch (DE); Andreas Arning, Tuebingen (DE); Raiko Nitzsche, Aidlingen (DE); and Tareq Al-Maamari, Holzgerlingen (DE)
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1. A method for retaining messages, said method comprising:
providing, by one or more processors of a computer system, N bins for storing messages, wherein the N bins are denoted as bins B1, B2, . . . , BN configured to have messages stored for retention periods P1, P2, . . . , PN, respectively, wherein P1<P2< . . . <PN, and wherein N≥1;
receiving, by the one or more processors, a sequence of messages and assigning each received message to the bin B1 as each message is received at an initial time of being received, wherein each received message is of one message type of M message types 1, 2, . . . , M, wherein M≥1, and wherein each message received at the initial time includes a timestamp equal to the initial time of being received, the message type of the message, and a payload; and
for each message Umn of message type m and assigned to bin Bn and having an age exceeding the retention period Pn, reassigning, by the one or more processors, the message Umn to bin Bn+1 if n<N or removing, by the one or more processors, the payload from the message Umn if n=N, wherein m is 1, 2, . . . or M and n is 1, 2, . . . , or N.