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Class of symbol constellations for data transmission
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1. A transmitting device using two-dimensional symbol constellations, wherein the transmitting device comprises:
a memory comprising instructions; and
a processor coupled to the memory and configured to execute the instructions to cause the transmitting device to:
obtain a message to be transmitted;
map the message onto a two-dimensional 2n-symbol constellation to obtain a sequence of discrete constellation symbols, wherein n is an odd number not less than 3, wherein the two-dimensional 2n-symbol constellation comprises 2n points arranged along perimeters of q concentric squares, wherein points in each concentric square of the q concentric squares are uniformly spaced along the perimeters and four points are located at corners of the concentric squares, and wherein q is a positive integer; and
transmit the discrete constellation symbols,
wherein first pairs of sides of the q concentric squares are parallel to an I axis, and second pairs of the sides of the q concentric squares are parallel to a Q axis, wherein a center of the squares coincides with an origin of an in-phase-quadrature (I-Q) plane, wherein a side of an i-th square has length Li, with L1≤L2≤. . . <Lq, wherein the i-th square contains 4·Ni points, wherein Ni is an integer, wherein N1≤N2≤. . . ≤Nq, and wherein the parameters L=[L1, . . . , Lq] and N=[N1, . . . , Nq] have been optimized by minimizing a cost function.