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Phase tracking reference signal for sub-symbol phase tracking
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1. A method for wireless communication, comprising:
determining a discrete Fourier transform (DFT) configuration for a plurality of symbols;
generating, based at least in part on the DFT configuration, a plurality of DFT-precoded symbols corresponding to the plurality of symbols;
mapping the plurality of DFT-precoded symbols to a corresponding plurality of subcarriers, the plurality of subcarriers including at least a subset of subcarriers that are adjacent in frequency;
mapping non-DFT precoded symbols to additional subcarriers, wherein at least one of the non-DFT precoded symbols is mapped to a subcarrier that is interposed in frequency between two subcarriers of the plurality of subcarriers; and
transmitting the plurality of DFT-precoded symbols via a wireless signal that includes the plurality of subcarriers and the additional subcarriers.