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Multicast packet replication method
Kuo-Cheng Lu, Hsinchu (TW); Mao-Lin Huang, Taoyuan (TW); and Yung-Chang Lin, Hsinchu (TW)
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1. A multicast packet replication method, comprising:
configuring a switch to read a plurality of entries of a replication list table according to an indicator to replicate a plurality of packets respectively corresponding to a plurality of headers, each of the entries including a first field, a second field, a third field, and a fourth field, wherein for each of the entries, the first field is used only to declare whether corresponding entry is an end of a program execution, the third field is preset to a first type field for indicating the switch how to modify a header of one of the packets, the second field is used to declare the fourth field as the first type field or a second type field for indicating the switch to jump to another entry of the entries to read the another entry; and
after the switch modifies the header of one of the packets according to the fourth field of a first entry of the entries, configuring the switch, in response to the first field of the first entry declaring that the first entry is not the end of the program execution, to continue to read a next entry immediately next to the first entry.