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System and method for encryption and decryption based on quantum key distribution
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1. A computer system for facilitating encryption, the system comprising:
a processor; and
a memory coupled to the processor and storing instructions, which when executed by the processor cause the processor to perform a method, the method comprising:
receiving a first request to encrypt data, wherein the first request indicates the data to be encrypted;
encrypting the data based on a first key;
determining a first key label for the first key;
transmitting the encrypted data and the first key label to a remote device; and
responsive to receiving a second request which indicates the encrypted data and the first key label for the first key used to encrypt the data:
obtaining a second key from a first key pool;
encrypting, based on the second key, the first key label;
transmitting a third request for the first key, wherein the third request includes the encrypted first key label; and
receiving the first key, which is encrypted based on a third key which is the same as the second key.