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Re-encryption following an OTP update event
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1. An apparatus comprising:
memory control circuitry configured to control access to data stored in memory; and
memory security circuitry configured to generate encrypted data to be stored in the memory, the encrypted data being based on target data and a first one-time-pad (OTP);
the memory security circuitry is configured to be within a trust boundary of the apparatus, and data stored outside the trust boundary is accessible to external agents;
in response to an OTP update event indicating that the first OTP is to be updated to a second OTP different from the first OTP, the memory security circuitry is configured to generate a re-encryption value based on the first OTP and the second OTP, and the memory security circuitry is configured to issue a re-encryption request beyond the trust boundary to cause updated encrypted data to be generated outside the trust boundary in a downstream component based on the encrypted data and the re-encryption value and to cause the encrypted data to be replaced in the memory by the updated encrypted data; and
the updated encrypted data is generated in at least one of:
the memory, wherein the memory is outside the trust boundary;
a memory controller for controlling access to the memory, wherein the memory controller is outside the trust boundary;
at least one dynamic random access memory (DRAM) unit, wherein the at least one DRAM unit is outside the trust boundary; and
a controller associated with a three-dimensional integrated circuit comprising a plurality of memory storage integrated circuit layers, wherein the controller associated with the three-dimensional integrated circuit is outside the trust boundary.