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Synchronization timing detector, wireless communication device, and non-transitory computer-readable recording medium
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1. A synchronization timing detector comprising:
n correlators configured to calculate and output correlation values between each of n sample signals and a known synchronization pattern, the n sample signals being extracted from m sample signals that are obtained by oversampling a received signal m times for one symbol period and having sample positions shifted by m/n samples each, where m is a natural number, and n is a natural number that satisfies 3≤n≤m and is a divisor of m;
a calculation unit configured to generate n correlation value vectors by arranging the correlation values output from the n correlators on polar coordinates at intervals of an angle of 2π(n/m) radians, and add the n correlation value vectors to calculate an angle of a resultant vector of the correlation value vectors; and
a symbol timing estimating unit configured to estimate a symbol timing of the received signal based on the angle of the resultant vector calculated by the calculation unit.