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SSB transmissions in unlicensed spectrum
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1. A method implemented in a wireless transceiver device arranged to operate in a cellular wireless communication network and capable of operating in an unlicensed spectrum where listen-before-talk is employed, the method comprising:
determining a first parameter, for the operation in the unlicensed spectrum, indicative on provision of synchronisation signal blocks; and
determining quasi-co-location (QCL) relationship between one or more synchronisation signal and physical broadcast channel (SS/PBCH) blocks each having a first index, by determining a second index for each one of the one or more SS/PBCH blocks by applying a modulo operation on the first index, respectively, based on the first parameter, where the QCL relationship is determined to occur if the second indices for two or more SS/PBCH blocks of the one or more SS/PBCH blocks coincide.