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Wireless fidelity multi-link device with dynamic operation mode switch and associated method
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1. A wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) multi-link device (MLD) comprising:
a transmit (TX) circuit;
a receive (RX) circuit; and
a control circuit, arranged to control the RX circuit to receive a first frame under an operation mode parameter with a first setting, control the TX circuit to transmit a second frame responsive to the first frame under the operation mode parameter with the first setting, and after the second frame is transmitted, control the RX circuit to receive at least one physical layer protocol data unit (PPDU) under the operation mode parameter with a second setting, wherein the second setting is different from the first setting;
wherein during a same transmission opportunity (TXOP), the first frame is received by the Wi-Fi MLD, the second frame is transmitted from the Wi-Fi MLD, and said at least one PPDU is received by the Wi-Fi MLD; and one of the first frame and the second frame carries indication of operation mode parameter change that specifies the use of the second setting.