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Method for transmitting and receiving signal in optical wireless communication system, and transmitting terminal and receiving terminal therefor
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1. A method of receiving a signal by a receiving user equipment (UE) for optical wireless communication, the method comprising:
establishing a communication link with a transmitting UE to perform the wireless optical communication;
receiving optical signals from the transmitting UE through the communication link; and
performing interference cancellation on the optical signals,
wherein establishing the communication link comprises exchanging initial information with the transmitting UE,
wherein the initial information includes an orbital angular momentum (OAM) mode applied to the optical signals,
wherein the interference cancellation is performed based on the OAM mode, and
wherein performing the interference cancellation comprises selectively applying optical-to-electrical (O-to-E) conversion to the optical signals after passing the optical signals through an optical filter and detecting the optical signals with an optical-electrical converter.