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Channel estimation method and apparatus
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1. A channel estimation apparatus comprising:
a processor;
a memory configured to store a computer program that is executed by the processor, and causes the processor to perform a method including:
generating indication information for indicating M N-dimensional precoding vectors,
wherein each precoding vector is applied to one of M frequency bands, the M N-dimensional precoding vectors form a space-frequency matrix, and the space-frequency matrix is generated by performing a weighted combination on a plurality of space-frequency component matrices,
wherein the space-frequency matrix is an X×Y space-frequency matrix, X and Y are one and the other of M and N, M≥1, N≥2, and both M and N are integers,
wherein the space-frequency matrix is associated with one spatial stream, and
wherein quantities of frequency-domain component vectors associated with each of space-frequency matrices of different spatial streams are the same, and a larger quantity of spatial streams is associated with a smaller quantity of frequency-domain component vectors; and
sending the indication information.