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Push button switch assembly for a vehicle
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1. A push button switch assembly for a vehicle, the push button switch assembly comprising:
an elastic button moveable between a first unactuated position and a second actuated position;
a plate;
a housing defining an inner space;
a holder disposed in the inner space and including a rail formed integral therewith, the rail being a protrusion that projects outwards and away from a wall of the holder;
an actuator disposed within the inner space, provided adjacent the plate, and pivotable between a first position and a second position, the actuator including a magnetic element wherein when the actuator is in the first position the magnetic element is closer to the plate than when the actuator is in the second position; and
a hall sensor configured to sense a magnetic field of the magnetic element,
wherein the rail defines an axis about which the actuator pivots, wherein the actuator engages the rail so as to pivot between the first and second positions, and wherein the actuator comprises a claw that partially surrounds an upper portion of the rail to permit the actuator to pivot about the axis,
wherein when the elastic button is in the first unactuated position the magnetic element biases the actuator into the first position via a magnetic attraction between the magnetic element and the plate, and when the elastic button is moved to the second actuated position, a force applied to the elastic button is transmitted to the actuator such that said force overcomes the magnetic attraction and permits the actuator to pivot to the second position while providing a tactile haptic response, and
wherein when the actuator is moved to the second position, the hall sensor senses a change in the magnetic field of the magnetic element.