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Semiconductor device
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1. A semiconductor device comprising:
a detection circuit connected between a positive electrode and a negative electrode of a semiconductor switching element,
the detection circuit including a current source and a first resistor element which are connected in series via a first node between the positive electrode and the negative electrode, the first resistor element having a first electrical resistance value,
the current source operating such that an output current of the current source increases toward a saturated constant value as a voltage of the positive electrode with respect to a voltage of the negative electrode becomes higher,
the semiconductor device further comprising a voltage comparator to output a comparison result between a DC voltage input to a second node and a voltage of the first node,
the DC voltage and the first electrical resistance value being set in such a manner that when an inter-electrode voltage between the positive electrode and the negative electrode becomes higher than a predefined determination voltage, the voltage of the first node is higher than the DC voltage, and
the detection circuit and the voltage comparator being mounted on the same integrated circuit.