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Control method for DC converter and DC converter
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1. A control method for a DC converter, the DC converter comprises a switching circuit, a sampling circuit, and a controller, and the sampling circuit being electrically connected with an output terminal of the DC converter and the controller and configured to sample an output signal of the DC converter and send the output signal to the controller, and the controller being coupled to the switching circuit and configured to generate a driving signal according to the output signal, so as to drive a switching device in the switching circuit,
wherein the control method comprising following steps:
acquiring a duty ratio of a Burst cycle according to an output reference signal and the output signal;
acquiring a first number of switching cycles and a burst on time according to the duty ratio of the Burst cycle, a first preset value, and a switching period of the switching device;
acquiring a Burst cycle value according to the burst on time and the duty ratio of the Burst cycle; and
generating the driving signal according to the Burst cycle value, the first number of switching cycles, and the switching period.