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Power supply device, power supply system and method for controlling the same
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1. A power supply device to be connected to a power receiving device, the power supply device comprising:
a power supply means for changing an input power into an output voltage having a predetermined specification;
a voltage port for supplying the output voltage to the power receiving device;
a ground port for matching a ground potential of the power receiving device with the power supply device;
a voltage change request port for receiving, from the power receiving device, a voltage change request signal to change the output voltage, the voltage change request port being provided separately from the voltage port;
a control means for controlling the power supply means based on the voltage change request signal so as to change the specification which is different from the predetermined specification; and
an adapter information output means for providing an adapter information indicating a type of the power supply device to the power receiving device through the voltage change request port when the power receiving device is connected,
wherein, the voltage port, the ground port, and the voltage change request port are universal serial bus (USB) ports configured to be connected to a USB connector.