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Apparatus for controlling power factor correction circuit of charger for vehicle battery
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1. An apparatus for controlling a power factor correction circuit of a charger for charging a vehicle battery, the apparatus configured to correct a power factor of an input AC voltage through switching of a switching element, the apparatus comprising:
a phase angle detection unit configured to detect phase angle information of the input AC voltage; and
a frequency determination unit configured to:
synchronize a period, in which a preset frequency variation value varies, with a period of the input AC voltage by applying the phase angle information to the frequency variation value; and
determine, as a switching frequency of the switching element, a value obtained by applying the synchronized frequency variation value to a preset fundamental frequency value;
wherein the phase angle detection unit comprises:
a dq converter configured to convert the input AC voltage into a dq voltage;
a proportional-integral controller configured to output an angular velocity value to converge a q-axis voltage of the dq voltage, obtained by conversion in the dq converter, to zero; and
an integrator configured to integrate the output of the proportional-integral controller to derive the phase angle information.