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Apparatus for driving a compressor and method for assembling the apparatus
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1. A device for driving a compressor of a gaseous fluid comprising a rotor and a stator disposed along a common longitudinal axis, wherein the stator comprises connection leads developed as segments of conductor wires of coils, wherein in a region of at least one end side, oriented in the axial direction, of the stator a cover element is disposed developed in the form of an axially oriented hollow cylinder with an inner surface and an outer surface, wherein the cover element with the inner surface is in contact on an insulation element disposed on the stator and having a cylindrical wall and at least segments of the connection leads of the conductor wires are disposed between an outer side of the wall of the insulation element and the inner surface of the cover element,
wherein on the inner surface of the cover element at least one projecture is developed,
wherein the projecture has the form of a circumferential rib.