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Modular brushless DC (BLDC) motor construction
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1. A brushless DC motor (BLDC) comprising:
a stator including a ring-shaped body having multiple stator posts extending axially outward from the ring-shaped body, a plurality of stator windings wherein each of the stator windings is wound about a corresponding one of the stator posts, and a rotor support structure positioned radially inward of the multiple stator posts;
a rotor including a shaft received in the rotor support structure, a first rotor disk fixed to a first end of the shaft, at least a first set of magnets disposed in a first ring about the rotor disk and positioned radially adjacent to the stator posts such that the first set of magnets and the stator windings define a first radial flux flowpath; and
a second set of magnets disposed in a second ring and positioned relative to the stator posts in one of an axial adjacency or a radial adjacency such that a second flux flowpath is defined, the second ring being distinct from the first ring.