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1. A rotor comprising a first rotor part and a second rotor part which are disposed in a shaft direction,
wherein the first rotor part includes:
a first rotor core;
a plurality of first magnets disposed on an outer circumferential surface of the first rotor core; and
a first holder configured to fix the plurality of first magnets,
wherein the first holder includes:
a first body in a cylindrical shape;
a first plate which is connected to the first body and configured to cover the plurality of first magnets; and
a plurality of first coupling protrusions which protrude from an inner circumferential surface of the first body and are coupled to the first rotor core,
wherein the first body covers an entire outer circumferential surface of each of the plurality of the first magnets, and
wherein a distance between the inner circumferential surface and an outer circumferential surface of the first body decreases toward a central position between adjacent first coupling protrusions.