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Hybrid vehicle and control method thereof
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1. A hybrid vehicle using an engine and a motor as a power source, comprising:
an input configured to receive user selection for terrain mode;
a hybrid starter generator (HSG) connected to the engine and configured to operate as a start motor to turn on the engine, and operate as a generator that performs idle charging when the engine is turned on;
a battery electrically connected to the HSG;
a controller configured to perform idle charging when a state of charge (SOC) of the battery is less than or equal to a first SOC using the HSG by turning on the engine; and
a vehicle speed detector configured to detect and deliver a vehicle speed to the controller,
wherein the controller is configured to adjust the SOC of the battery to perform the idle charging based on a second SOC greater than the first SOC when the controller enters the terrain mode; and
wherein the controller is configured to enter an EV driving mode by driving the motor until a first vehicle speed is reached in a stop state of the hybrid vehicle, and enter an HEV driving mode from the stop state when entering the terrain mode.