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Energy control for energy storage systems
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1. An energy control system (ECS) for controlling at least one energy storage system (ESS) that includes at least one energy storage device or an energy storage combination (ESDC), wherein there is at least one of a plurality of the energy storage devices and a plurality of the energy storage combinations, a power conversion system coupled to an output of the ESDC, and a transformer coupled to an output of the power conversion system, the ECS comprising:
an ECS server, and
an ESS adapter coupled between the ECS server and the ESS, wherein the ESS adapter is configured for providing an interface between the ECS server and the ESS including for forwarding communications between the ECS server and the ESS;
wherein the ECS server is configured for:
reading status data from the ESS and submitting schedules including selected charging and discharging times to the ESS;
monitoring or displaying a variance between an expected performance of the ESS based on the schedules and an actual performance of the ESS, wherein the variance between the expected performance and actual performance enables the ESS to be identified to be operating outside of safety limits, and
responsive to the variance being determined to be above a predetermined threshold, sending an update of the schedules to the ESS.