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Ultra-low leakage electrostatic discharge device with controllable trigger voltage
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1. A electrostatic discharge (ESD) device, comprising:
an input pad;
an underlapped field effect transistor (UL-FET) with a trigger voltage Vt, including:
an underlapped drain region coupled to the input pad;
a source region coupled to ground; and
a gate structure coupled to a first terminal of a capacitor and a second terminal of the capacitor coupled to the input pad;
a blocking layer separating the underlapped drain region from the gate structure of the UL-FET by an underlap distance;
a voltage divider for setting a gate voltage Vg applied to the gate structure of the UL-FET; and
a silicon-controlled-rectifier (SCR) device laterally adjacent the UL-FET, the SCR device including a P-N-P-N configuration, the P-N-P-N configuration including a first portion coupled to the input pad and a second portion coupled to ground.