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Mobile device including laser-pumped phosphor light source
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1. A mobile device, comprising:
a camera embedded in the mobile device; and a light source module embedded in the mobile device, the light source module comprising at least:
a laser-pumped phosphor light source, the laser-pumped phosphor light source comprising:
a photoluminescent phosphor; and
a laser diode to generate laser light within a first wavelength range to pump the photoluminescent phosphor,
wherein exposure of the photoluminescent phosphor to the laser light results in emission of visible light within a second wavelength range according to a laser-pumped emission spectrum associated with the photoluminescent phosphor; and
one or more additional light sources,
wherein the light source module is configurable to vary a ratio of brightness between the laser-pumped phosphor light source and the one or more additional light sources having at least one emission wavelength range different than the second wavelength range to generate a tunable color.