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Semiconductor optical amplifier
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1. A semiconductor optical amplifier comprising:
a conductive region that is provided on a substrate and allows light transmission; and
a nonconductive region that is provided around the conductive region and prohibits light transmission,
wherein the conductive region includes
a first region including a light-coupling portion to which light from an external light-source unit is coupled; and
a second region having a narrower width than the first region and connected to the first region through a connecting portion, the second region including a light-amplifying portion amplifying the light from the light-coupling portion by propagating the light in a predetermined propagating direction along a surface of the substrate, the light-amplifying portion outputting the amplified light in a direction intersecting the surface of the substrate,
wherein, seen in a direction perpendicular to the surface of the substrate, the semiconductor optical amplifier includes a portion where a width of the conductive region is continuously reduced from the first region to the second region,
wherein the conductive region has a curved outline segment in the connecting portion, and the curved outline segment has a curvature radius of 20 μm or greater and 55 μm or smaller.