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Systems and methods for control of waveform-agile laser transmitter
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1. A laser transmitter comprising:
a waveform controller arranged to generate a waveform script, wherein the waveform script includes at least one of a pulse repetition frequency setting, a pulse duration setting, and a pulse amplitude pre-warp setting and wherein the waveform controller adjusts at least one setting of the waveform script to implement waveform dithering;
an optical waveform generator arranged to: i) receive the waveform script, ii) generate pre-warped signal pulses based on the waveform script to compensate for gain distortion effects of a laser power amplifier, and iii) output the pre-warped signal pulses;
the laser power amplifier arranged to: i) receive the pre-warped signal pulses, ii) receive a continuous wave signal, and iii) output amplified signal pulses that maintain a substantially constant drive intensity at the input of a non-linear wavelength converter; and
the non-linear wavelength converter arranged to receive the amplified signal pulses and emit wavelength-converted pulses.