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Antenna module supporting of sensing distance and electronic device including the same
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1. An electronic device comprising:
an antenna including a first antenna element and a second antenna element; and
a processor operatively connected to the antenna, wherein the processor is configured to:
transmit a first signal through the first antenna element;
receive, through the second antenna element, a second signal including a signal obtained as the first signal, wherein the second signal is reflected by a target object;
calculate a distance from the antenna to the target object based on a phase of the second signal; and
when the distance to the target object is smaller than a reference distance, reduce a power level of the antenna,
wherein the second signal includes a coupling signal by the first signal and a reflection signal by the target object, and
wherein the processor is further configured to:
remove the coupling signal from the second signal to obtain the reflection signal, and
calculate the distance to the target object based on a phase of the reflection signal.