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Antenna and terminal
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1. An antenna, comprising:
a first element, wherein the first element is configured to receive an excitation current through an electrical connection to an antenna feeder and changes in the excitation current change a magnetic field around the first element,
a second element, wherein the second element is configured to generate an induced current through electromagnetic induction of the first element based on the change in the magnetic field around the first element; and
a reactance-adjustable component, wherein the reactance-adjustable component is disposed both at an end of the first element close to a reference plane, and at an end of the second element close to the reference plane, the reference plane uses a connection point between the first element and the antenna feeder as an origin and is perpendicular to an axial direction of the first element, the reactance-adjustable component has an adjustable reactance value and is configured to adjust a phase difference between the excitation current and the induced current, and the phase difference has an association relationship with a target angle of radiation of the antenna.